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A step forward in art presentation! The benefits of subscription are greater than you think!

An annual subscription to the website cost only £95 and provides many promotional benefits...

Capture and excite a customer's imagination by displaying your artwork "in-situ" inside luxury interiors
Display upto 3 interior images featuring your artwork on your personal, artists' gallery page
We do all the design work and you retain editorial control
Customers can visit your website or send an email directly from your Art-in-Interiors page
Features include artist website and email links, tell-a-friend form access, sytlised biography or artists' statement...
Inclusion on a high resolution, advert and Javascript free website
Fast, reliable website servers capable of handling several thousand simultaneous visitors
Benefit from targeted promotions of the Art in Interiors website within the interior design market
We take no commission on your sales

Why Art in Interiors?

It's a little known fact that an Interior-Designer who is searching for art will not spend time physically travelling from one gallery to the next and often the work of finding materials is done by a researcher who hands over a selection of the material found.

With that in mind, it is the aim of Art-in-Interiors to provide a website which allows potential art buyers in general and interior designers specifically, to browse through the artists' pages with the intention of finding that perfect work or a certain artistic style to include in their homes, offices, restaurants or any other environment that is lacking that final touch of culture and beauty.

For further details about the benefits of membership to the Art in Interiors website, please see the hover-popouts on our Basic Subscription page.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help.