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Upgrade your promotional web page!

Want to add more pictures or display your latest exhibition dates? We can accomodate!

We can design and add the following to your page at any time...

Additional Interior Pictures
Hover Popouts - To provide extra information on your webpage     —››  See example
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We can also place a link to your page on the home page of the site.

Art in Interiors, home page image link to your page on this site.

I'd like to add one of the extra items... But how?

Simple! You just need to provide the necessary information.

For additional interior images:

Let us know how many additional images you'd like adding to your page and send in the picture/s of your work that you'd like including in the interior/s.

For a hover popout:

Tell us your requirements or what you'd like to display and send in any images we'll need to create it.

For example:
If you wish to provide the viewer with small, highly detailed pictures showing closeup brush strokes or textures in your painting, or different angle shots taken around a sculpture, then we'll require the images that show the extra detailed views of your artwork or the extra images that show the various views of the sculpture.

Or, if you wish to display you latest exhibition dates, then we'll obviously require that information to add to the hover popout's, program code. Just common sense really!

For a home page image link:

Just send an email and we'll make and add the image link to our home page which will link a visitor directly to your gallery page on this website.

Sending us any information, eg Images, Bios

You can use our Upload Files form or you can send any images and documents as attachments from your standard email software. Please remember to be specific about your requirements.

Then what?

We'll get to work on the design and email you when we're finished, asking you take a look at and approve your upgraded webpage. If you happy with the results then please send the appropriate payment. If not then we'll make any required ammendments and send another "please take a look and approve" email. As the artist and creator, you always have the final editorial say about how your work is presented in our designs.

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.