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How to join Art in Interiors

Subscribing to Art in Interiors couldn't be easier! We simply require images of your artwork

I'd like to join, what do I need to do?

Simple! All we require from you are 3 or 4 images of your artwork and a biography or artists' statement.

To send in your artwork and bio you may either...

1.Send them as attachments with a standard email » here
2.Use our "Upload Files" form on the right hand navigation » here
3.Send physical photographs in an envelope or electronic images on a CD/DVD by post. (Please contact us for our address.)
4.Or, we may be able to make use of the promotional images displayed on your website. (Please contact us with your website address and details and we'll take a look.)

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know the title, size and medium for each piece of work you send in as this can then be added to your art-in-interiors page to better inform the customer.

Don't worry if you're not technically savvy, not everybody is (or needs to be), and mailing us a CD or photographs is always a welcome option. If you have any problems then do let us know as I'm sure we can find a solution.

After receiving your images...

On receipt of your images, we'll design the interiors which will feature your artwork and then we'll send you an email.

The email will inform you that they're designed and ready and will ask you to view them online at www.art-in-interiors.com/Artists/Your-Name.php for you to approve them.

If you like what you see then great! Post in a cheque for £35 and we'll activate your webpage for a period of 1 year. If not, then just let us know and we'll make any changes you see fit and repeat the process of sending you a "come and have a look" email. Either way, if you're not happy, then neither are we and no money changes hands until you're satisfied with the results.

If you have any problems or questions at any time, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.