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Frequently Asked Questions

A quick list of answers to some of the more common questions that we've receive from artists interested in signing up with Art-in-Interiors.com. If an answer to your question isn't included then please let us know so that we can help.

Q. Can I promote my artwork on your site and on other sites at the same time?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I need my own website in order to subscribe to Art-in-Interiors?

A. No.

Q. How big do the image files I send in need to be?

A. Ideally about 800 x 600 pixels in any electronic image format although we can pretty much work with whatever you can manage to send. If we do have any problem with them we always contact you.

Q. Should I frame the images I send in of my artwork?

A. This isn't required as we can digitally frame an image if necessary.

Q. How do I send pictures of my work to you?

A. Either send an email and attach your images, use the upload files form on the right hand navigation, send physical photographs or electronic images on CD/DVD via post or we can make use of the promotional images which are on your website.

Q. Can I replace the image if I sell an item?

A. Yes, as long as you're happy for the new item to be placed inside the same interior. If a new interior image is required or requested then a £12.50 design fee will apply.

Q. Could a 3rd party copy my images from this site and make use of them without my knowledge?

A. This would be unfeasable as we embed your artwork into an interior setting which is stored as an image file. This is then displayed on your art-in-interiors page at a DPI (dots per inch), that is too low to faciliate any physical reproduction and subsequent sale.

Q. What kind of people may purchase my work?

A. Either an Interior Designer purchasing on behalf of a client, a client directly or an interested member of the public.

Q. If an Interior Designer buys my work, who would make payment for the purchase?

A. The Interior Designer will usually purchase the artwork on behalf of their client.

Q. How much should I charge an interior designer for my work?

A. That's entirely up to you. It's your artwork, created by your talent and efforts and you should charge whatever you feel is a fair price for each particular piece.