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Dedicated to Artists Worldwide...

Art in Interiors is dedicated to displaying artists work in a Luxury Interior Design Magazine Gallery format.

Artists who wish to have their work made available to a growing online customer base can display their art in a online gallery setting, no longer having to present their work as a small/ large thumb, but as an attractive glossy magazine page designed to present Art in a unique and inspiring showcase.

If you are an Artist and would like to have your work published on the web with a gallery titled and dedicated to your work and in your name with none of the work involved then please read on...

This website came about to serve a need

My Artist sister has had many successful exhibitions and although her exhibitions went well and they generated interest in her work the decision to purchase a piece of art can sometimes take more than one visit and several months of deliberation, her patrons leaving her exhibition carrying with them only a memory of the paintings seen, and possibly a small thumbnail image or card with contact details.

The idea was born to develop an online personal Gallery that can be accessed by the public who are given the http: by the artist to go directly to the artwork that interests them and who in the comfort of there own home and surroundings can ponder the idea of owning that particular piece of art work! and yes, even if they search the web your Gallery will be found under your name.

So you ask what's new about that there are many online galleries and I have my own website...

What makes this site exceptional is the way your art is presented, not as the standard thumbnail or slide show but set in a Luxury Interior matched to the subject and tone of the art itself much as you would find furniture displayed in a room setting for a luxury magazine. This content can also travel to your website and be used for any promotional purpose you choose, serving two purposes by exposing your work to a larger audience and in a unique manner otherwise not available.

How to submit your work

If you have now decided a website presentation of your work is the next step to marketing your Art, whilst extending an invitation to your clients and customers to view your artwork then.

It's simple.
And requires no technical knowledge other than an Email address; simply send a scan or a good quality digital photograph of the artwork via Email. I could talk to you about the dpi, tiff and jpg of the image etc, but I will sort all this out on my side for you.

How many pages and how many images you wish to appear on each page can be decided by you at a later date. If you do use our services and download content to your website you can be assured our server has a 99.9% up time and your work will be available for the world to see 24/7.

You simply tell people your art can be viewed online in your Gallery at the website 'My Gallery info' This site simply designs pages and hosts Artwork for you, much the same as a magazine cover would look with stylized images of your art for a publication.

The fees charged represent the Design content of your page and the time spent sourcing and designing your images and hosting them and your content. The fee is for 1 yr and can be renewed for a small fee. Once you contact me and outline your requirements you will be given an all inclusive fee for the entire service. Yes. we are cheaper then a visit to a printer and the content can be changed and updated to represent your recent work or exhibition venue by simply adding or placing a new image on your Gallery.

Zoe Garner - Founder

I am a graduate of Architectural Interior Design from the Inchbald School of Design and spent a further fifteen years as a successful international designer working in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

I have represented several major property developers and I started my career as an Interior Designer working for the Roomservice Furnishing Group as their head of investment furnishing, during which time I developed an extensive knowledge of sourcing and selling furniture to the investment property market. Over the years, my clients have included Goldman Sachs, Savills, Hamptons, and 80% of all central London property agents.

Zoe Garner


If you have any further question please don't hesitate to contact me.